Web Design, Web Hosting, Internet Technologies is a full-service Internet shop providing web design, web site hosting, application development, Internet Technology and computer consulting services.  Dewey Williams has been building the Internet since 1998 and has the expertise you require to place your business on the web.

Our philosophy is: Simple websites that work!

We create sites that enhance your business, your products, your message!  Using the latest proven technologies in web development; HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX – we insure that your site is optimized and standards-compliant.  This enhances the user experience, decreases server load, increases page load speed and insures that your web site WORKS!

Simple designs = fast, reliable web sites.  Web site images are optimized to work on the web and used to enhance your site, not just for “show”.  Programming, such as PHP and JavaScript, is used to add to the experience and functionality of the site. Sites are optimized for search engines to insure your site is indexed and listed in the search engine results.

Our website designs are tailored to meet the needs of your business or group. Web ads and starter pages, complete business websites, Internet shopping carts, blogs and forums are all within our expertise.

Whether you are putting your business online for the first time, redesigning an existing website, want to sell online, need a blog or forum for your group or updating your Internet or intranet site, our simple, easy-to-use designs will fit right into your Internet plan.